How I gained basic twitter skills


I’ve had a twitter account for a while, but like many people was mostly passive. That is, until recently …

As I’ve been building a following on, I realized it was time to make full use of twitter. I researched and experimented with various techniques. This article is a summary of the most useful things I learned.

Twitter is fun!

Once I learned about it’s nuances (the hash tags etc.), it became quite enjoyable to use. This is because the posts themselves are fewer characters and therefore quicker to write, retweeting is easy, and people show gratitude when you retweet one of their posts or otherwise mention them.

There are several types of tweets you can write

A couple kinds that were less obvious to me but quite useful are:
1) Share content from another user and endorse them. If you see a tweet that you like, besides retweeting, you can compose a new tweet, linking to the same source and give credit to the other user with “via”:

5 things NOT to say in a #phone #interview via @robinmadell

– Jonah Bernstein ‏(@JonahBernstein) March 30, 2016

[Note: To find tweets that are relevant to your interests, you can search with hash tags in Twitter’s search bar.]

2) Posting quotes – Not every tweet needs to contain a link.

“No one ever gets very far unless he accomplishes the impossible at least once a day.” – Elbert Hubbard

– EmployWe (‏@EmpWe) Apr 1, 2016

More background here.

Other tips

1) Focus your tweets – People are more likely to follow you if you stick to certain topics. Your consistency attracts potential followers because they can see that the info that will show up in their feed will be relevant to them.

2) Frequency – unlike other social networks, the optimal number of times to post per day is huge! Up to 15 times per day depending you your audience .

3) Timing – When to tweet matters. On twitter, people tend to be engaged the most in the morning before work (7 to 9am) and at lunch time (12 to 1pm). However there is also engagement in the afternoons (4-6pm) and in the middle of the night (1-2am). You can find out when your twitter followers are most active by using In my case, I learned that a lot of my users are active late at night. However, you don’t have to stay up late to post at all hours …

4) Services that post for you – If you want to post 12 times per day, you want to space out these posts. This is because it’s better not to post more than once per hour. Also, the average life of a tweet is only a few minutes. So the majority of your audience will miss your tweets if they are all posted at any one time. Fortunately, there are a couple services that solve this problem for you by posting your tweets at intervals. One is and the other is I tried both. In HootSuite it’s easier to specify specific times that each tweet will go out. However, overall Buffer is faster because you set the times for each day and then you skip the step of setting a time for each tweet.

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